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Recover your unplayable AVI files

There's nothing more annoying that downloading a video file and realising that it won't play properly or it's corrupted in some way.

Usually you have no choice but to find an alternative download but not so with Digital Video Repair. It can repair AVI files in a number of incomplete download scenarios such as failure to completely copy from CD, DVD or other source and when an AVI file has not completely downloaded from the Internet on a P2P app such as eDonkey or BitTorrent. Alternatively, it can help when you find that video is freezed when playing, it won't rewind or fast forward properly or when the play button simply doesn't get you anywhere. Well that's the theory anyway. In practice, there are so many reasons why files won't play including codec issues and corrupted downloads that it's impossible that any one program can solve all of your problems. Then of course, there's the simple problem of CD's and DVD's that won't read properly which there's nothing much you can do about. More often than not, the program will process your AVI files but you'll notice no improvement afterwards.

A nice idea and probably useful for very superficial playback problems but if you're file is seriously corrupted or you've got codec problems, this won't be of much use.

Digital Video Repair is a small utility for repairing (fixing) AVI files.

You can repair partly damaged or corrupted AVI file in many scenarios including when the AVI file has not completely copied from CD, DVD or other source or when the AVI file has not completely downloaded from the Internet (eDonkey, BitTorrent, etc).


  • Can repair broken AVI files


  • Only works for minor errors
  • Can't help with codec errors


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Digital Video Repair


Digital Video Repair 1.02 for PC


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